Saturday, July 31, 2010

Nick's Main Event finish, End of July prop bet, MTT success, and August Goals

The World Series of Poker held its Main Event at the beginning of the month. The buy in for this tournament was $10,000 and 7,000 people entered. Three of my roommates played in it this year and it was fun going down to the Rio to watch everyone play. Two of them got KO'd second day but Nick managed to hang in there and had a top chip stack for a few days. He ended up going out in 107th place for a prize of around $50,000. He even made it to the feature table and was called back to be interviewed by ESPN so look for him on tv in the upcoming weeks.
Did not play nearly as many games as I wanted to this month online. I did play a few cash games at The Wynn and a tournament at Caesars. (my friend James came in 3rd in the tournament at Caesars his first night here.) Since everyone in the house had been slacking on games this month we had a house bet the last week of July for most profit in the 180 mans. It was a close bet for most of the week and I had a chance to win coming down to my last two tables but unfortunately the cards did not fall in my favor. Michael Chang ended up winning so congrats to him on a job well done.

I started playing in the $27 nightly turbo tournament on Pokerstars last week. I finished top 20 one of my first times and knew this tournament could be beat. On Thursday it had 993 entrants and I managed to finish 2nd. REALLY frustrating to go that far and lose but 2nd place was worth $3,314 so it wasn't that bad.(It's too bad this was unable to count in the prop bet because it would have brought me up to almost $5k for the week in profit.) I plan on taking more shots at turbo structured MTTs such as this one in the future, because they play like the 180 man tournaments I am used to and the payouts are much greater.
In August I hope to put in a ton of volume and see my best results yet. I really feel I can crush this game if I am focused and put in the effort. I am going to try and play 100 tournaments a day Sunday-Friday and have my most profitable month so far. I'll update mid to end of August to recap how I'm doing.