Thursday, September 2, 2010


The month of August turned out to be a pretty busy one filled with a week at the strip, moving, taking on students, and of course playing poker.

Beginning of the month was a ton of fun. A couple of friends from my hometown came to Las Vegas for a week, and I took off playing poker and stayed at the Bellagio with them. It was their first time out here, so we pretty much went everywhere and did everything you could possibly do. It was great to relax for a week and enjoy Vegas, and not have to sit in front of my computer all day. I actually ended up winning some money throwing dice too so that always adds to the fun as well.

Around the end of the month, the majority of my roommates began heading back to their homes, and our once packed mansion turned into an empty house. Since there were only a few of us left, I decided get an apartment with YX32mike and Jpeazy713. It was a pain in the ass to move all of our stuff from our house to the new apartment but it's finally done and everything's set up.

I've had numerous friends ask me to teach them how to play online poker recently, and I decided I would experiment with two of them and see how it goes. I currently have them playing the $3 90 man KOs on Full Tilt Poker. It's amazing to look over their hand histories from a few weeks ago and where they are now. They are improving rapidly, and I can easily see them crushing the game and moving up in stakes in the near future.Teaching also helps me review my own play and stay sharp. It's easy to start slipping up in your own game and constant review will prevent that from occurring.

As for my own poker game, August went pretty well. I played a bunch of 180s, MTTs, and a few other variations of SNGs. I've now been playing poker full time for about 3 months and unbelievably I'm still not burnt out yet. I think the reason I love to play poker so much is because I am a very competitive individual. I've always loved to compete and play sports. Growing up I hated to lose at anything (I still hate to lose at anything.) Playing sports back then was different then it is now. When I played competitive sports in school, everyone gave it everything they had. Recently I've played in a few adult basketball leagues. In these leagues it's like no one is really trying. Winning doesn't feel as good and losing doesn't hurt as much. Which brings me to poker. Poker is the only game I can play now that still gives me a rush when I win, and on the downside it isn't very enjoyable to lose. As long as I continue to have fun playing cards, I do not see myself stopping any time soon.


 Ben, Christine, and I on the strip earlier this month.

 My new office at the apartment.