Monday, June 14, 2010

First Post

Hello everyone,
I'm currently in the Atlanta airport waiting to catch my plane to Vegas and figured since I had time to kill I might as well start up my blog. I'd like to start off by thanking you for checking out my blog. Whether you are a poker player, family member, or friend this blog should be entertaining and hopefully not incredibly boring. This is my first blogging post so I figured I'd tell everyone about myself for those of you who know nothing about me and explain why I'm catching a plane out to Las Vegas.
I am a 22 year old male from Virginia. I currently live in Richmond and have lived here basically my whole life. I have been playing poker for about 6 years now and for the last 4 years mainly online. I was basically a losing/break even player with a few big tournament cashes before this past year. I began to follow poker blogs, read over the 2+2 forums, and periodically checking the sharkscope leader boards. A name I came across alot was Nick "Mi_turtle" Rainey. I saw in his blog that he was going to be taking on students and staking them. I immediately emailed him a bio of myself and my poker experience and luckily he replied back and took me under his wing. Starting in January he had me grinding the $2 180 mans on Pokerstars. I grinded these out for a few months with some success and a lot of variance. In mid March Nick asked me if I would like to join his Elite Team. I gladly accepted and have been grinding the $12 180 mans since. As part of the Elite Team I was able to recieve coaching from Nick as well as Johhnyhildo and Bodeye. Another perk of being on the Elite Team is being able to fly out to Las Vegas and receive live training. Since I am still in College and do not have classes till September, I have decided to go live with Nick, Bodeye, Johhnyhildo, and some of the other Elite Team members for little while this summer.
I have never had a blog before but I feel like I may not be the best at updating it regularly, but my goal is to update this blog once a week with pictures, graphs of my results, what my day to day life is like, etc.

Thanks for reading my blog and GL at the tables to everyone


*Pretty boring first post so I thought I'd include a link to where I'll be living in Las Vegas in an effort to keep people around for my 2nd post.....

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